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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Natural

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Excusive Coffee
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Guest Beans of Mocha Origins Green, Limited amount lots from other origins that are carefully chosen by the leader of Mocha Origins Tareq. 
These lots are fully traceable to the farmers. 


Flavour Notes:
strawberry, floral, clove, lactic, creamy-body, thick-body, long-after, bright

Production area: Aricha District, Kochere Region, South Central Ethiopia
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1,800~2,000m
Variety: Native
Crop Year: Arrival May 2024
Producer: 600 Small farmers in Aricha District
Drying: African bed
Standard: G1
Size: 16UP
Certification: None
Cultivation and pesticide use: Shade-grown, no pesticide chemical fertilizers used


One of the best selections in Yirgacheffe

Aricha District
In Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, Yirgacheffe is well known as a region that produces the highest quality beans. In particular, the Kochale area is rich in water resources and has a large number of washing factories, and is famous as one of the regions that produce high-quality Yirgacheffe coffee. We asked the Alicha Washing Station, which produces some of the best coffee in Yirgacheffe, to make this natural. This washing station is of a high level in all aspects of cherry ripeness, cherry sorting and refining techniques.

Careful Slow Drying

They used natural, ripe cherries normally used for high quality washed Coffee. In this high altitude, equatorial region, too much sunlight can damage the cherries and parchment, resulting in a cloudy taste. Therefore, cherries are covered with plastic sheets from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, when the sun is strongest, to prevent rapid drying. In addition, the coffee is slowly dried (slow drying) over a period of 20 days, instead of the usual 10 days, to equalize the moisture content in the coffee and produce a complex yet clean flavor. The slow drying process reduces the speed of deterioration and allows the coffee to maintain its high quality throughout the year.