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Flavor Notes:
nutty, spicy, herbal, almond, caramel, sweet, clean-cup, round-mouth-feel

Type: Single Farmer Nano Lot 

Producer: Mohammed Abdullah 

Origin: Talooq Village, Minsaha Area, Aldabab, Taiz, Yemen

Processing: Natural, Sun-dry

Variety: Dawairi, Old Typica

Altitude: 1500-1700 m

Mohammed Abdullah, a seasoned farmer in his seventies, has dedicated his life to cultivating coffee, a tradition passed down from his father and grandfather. His journey in coffee cultivation began in his childhood, and over the years, he has amassed a wealth of experience, nurturing the farm to produce higher-quality coffee crops.

In addition to coffee, Mohammed cultivates a variety of crops, including pumpkins, corn, and papaya. This diverse cultivation serves as his sole source of income, providing sustenance for his family and ensuring the economic stability of his household.

With a vision for the future, Mohammed is actively involved in teaching his five children the intricacies of farming. He harbors the hope that they will carry on the family legacy by inheriting and managing the farm in the years to come. Through patient guidance and shared wisdom, he imparts the essential skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the challenges of agriculture.

The coffee from Mohammed's farm boasts a unique and distinguished flavor profile, characterized by notes of chocolate and almonds. This exceptional taste makes it an exemplary choice for crafting delicious mocha coffee. Mohammed's commitment to excellence in cultivation is evident in the delightful aroma and rich flavors that emanate from his coffee beans.

As Mohammed tends to his farm, he not only cultivates crops but also nurtures a love for the land in the hearts of his children. Through the aromatic coffee fields and flourishing harvests of pumpkin, corn, and papaya, a legacy of sustainable farming is being woven, ensuring a bountiful future for generations to come.